9th European Conference on African Studies: African Futures

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Panel: Futures of citizenship in the Horn of Africa: near-diaspora between memory, liminality and aspirations

This panel invites contributions that focus on migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, who all in different ways constitute a near-diaspora in the Horn of Africa. It focuses on diaspora communities who stay in their region of origin, either by choice or through circumstances beyond their control, and who for better or worse act out a life as quasi-citizens in their places of residency. It builds on previous work on activist citizenship in contexts of liminality that has analysed how social and communal practices, often based on memories of past histories and national narratives, acts as a guide to confront contemporary challenges and imagine different futures. We are interested in either country-focused contributions where liminality is enforced by restrictive legal frameworks but contested at the level of the city or community; or comparative works that explores how different forms of liminality interact with migrant activism and belonging, and shape future aspirations and course of actions. We are also interested in ways in which liminality interacts with political belonging, and how such belonging in turn is affirmed or contested by memories of past histories and/or national identities, in particular where new nation states have emerged (as in the case of Eritrea and South Sudan)

Period31 May 20233 Jun 2023
Event typeConference
LocationCologne, GermanyShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational