An Efficiency Mindset: Prioritising efficiency in Whitehall’s everyday work

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Reform is established as the leading Westminster think tank for public service reform. We
believe that the State has a fundamental role to play in enabling individuals, families and
communities to thrive. But our vision is one in which the State delivers only the services that
it is best placed to deliver, within sound public finances, and where both decision-making and
delivery is devolved to the most appropriate level. We are committed to driving systemic
change that will deliver better outcomes for all.   
We are determinedly independent and strictly non-party in our approach. This is reflected in
our cross-party Advisory Board and our events programme which seeks to convene
likeminded reformers from across the political spectrum.   
Reform is a registered charity, the Reform Research Trust, charity no. 1103739.  
After a decade of disruption, the country faces a moment of national reflection. For too long,
Britain has been papering over the cracks in an outdated social and economic model, but while
this may bring temporary respite, it doesn’t fix the foundations. In 1942 Beveridge stated: “a
revolutionary moment in the world’s history is a time for revolutions, not for patching.” 80 years
on, and in the wake of a devastating national crisis, that statement once again rings true. Now
is the time to fix Britain’s foundations.
Reform’s new programme, Reimagining the State, will put forward a bold new vision for the
role and shape of the State. One that can create the conditions for strong, confident
communities, dynamic, innovative markets, and transformative, sustainable public services.
Reimagining Whitehall is one of the major work streams within this programme.
PeriodOct 2023
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