Application of Liquid Biopsy and PBPK for Patient Characterization and Personalized Dosing

  • Brahim Achour (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talkResearch


Tailoring drug dosage regimens according to patients’ characteristics and specific needs, or so-called precision dosing, has recently been reinvigorated by the availability of novel technologies for characterizing patients and wider acceptance of simulated drug trials. The concept is most useful for dosing drugs with a narrow therapeutic index and for patients from special populations or those prone to polypharmacy. In these cases, refined dosing is essential in order to improve therapeutic response and lower the risk of toxicity. The bottleneck for wider application of model-informed precision dosing (MIPD) has been the lack of approaches capable of generating individual ‘system’ data relevant to the patient’s drug elimination capacity, such as the abundance of hepatic enzymes and transporters. The recent development of liquid biopsy technology, as a less invasive alternative to tissue biopsy, opened new avenues for MIPD.
This talk introduces the audience to the technique but focuses on the practical application of liquid biopsy with modelling and simulation in the areas of DDI monitoring (particularly induction) and patient characterization to achieve better informed dosing. The applications of such approach include effective clinical trial design in the drug development sphere and replacing the prevailing ‘trial-and-error’ approach to dosing in the clinic with model-informed decision making.
Period14 Jun 2021
Held atGenentech Inc, United States, California
Degree of RecognitionInternational