Eurosoil 2021

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Session chair "Degradation and management of peat soils and peatlands"

Session info:
When degrading, peat soils change their properties more strongly than most other soils. Unfortunately, almost all management techniques have been associated with the degradation of peatlands. Due to their high organic matter and water content and unique soil physical properties, there are strong interactions between peat soils and the atmosphere and hydrological cycle. They also host specialized and rare biota. Recently, the ecosystem services provided by peat soils have been recognised, and more sustainable management techniques that aim to combat peatland degradation are becoming popular. The session should be of interest to soil mappers, ecologists, hydrologists, greenhouse gas researchers, soil biologists and plant nutritionists, as well as farmers, water managers, spatial and landscape planners. We are looking for contributions on degrading, degraded or restoring peat soils and management practices that control soil degradation and restoration. Challenges on peat soils include but are not limited to degradation and management of i) blanket bogs, ii) intensively used fen soils, iii) soils in peat extraction areas, iii) soils under forest management.
Period24 Aug 2021
Event typeConference
LocationGeneva, SwitzerlandShow on map
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