Hearing loss in adults: a major public health issue and a challenge for the medical profession

Activity: Participating in or organising event(s)Organising a conference, workshop, exhibition, performance, inquiry, course etc


The event is organised by Mr Marwan Tahoun in collaboration with Dr Dalia Tsimpida, in the frames of the YoungAcademics MCR Lecture Series.
We have planned, and we will host a public lecture, under the title:
‘Hearing loss in adults: a major public health issue and a challenge for the medical profession’
This talk would be part of the teaching program run by the society and will disseminate the World Health Organization’s key message of World Hearing Day 2022.
In this talk, Dr Dalia Tsimpida will present the Conceptual Model of Hearing Health Inequalities (HHI Model), which depicts the modifiable factors for hearing loss from birth to older adulthood. She will also present the vicious cycle between socioeconomic inequalities and hearing health. Mr Marwan Tahoun will explain why hearing loss might be a challenge during clinical communication and what doctors could do to facilitate a patient-centred approach during a consultation with a patient with hearing loss.

The program pairs a student with a researcher to work on a talk together (around 15 mins for the student and 30 mins for the researcher).
The aims of the teaching program are:
– To give students with little teaching experience the opportunity to speak on a topic they are interested in
– To give students feedback from both a clinician and the attendees on their teaching skills
– To provide portfolio building opportunities to students of a widening participation background
– To share knowledge on the latest advancements, current challenges and future research directions in a medical speciality.

Project activity: World Report on Hearing related activities, Advocacy, Awareness-raising, Education and training

Target audience: General public, Adults, Health care workforce

Event format: Webinar/webcast, Community awareness programme

Expected reach: National

Policymakers involved? No

Using WHO campaign material? Yes

Promotion planning:

We are planning to promote the event through the promotion channels of the YoungAcademics Society.
The target audience will be medical students, professionals, and the general public.
The measurable outcome of this activity will be:
1. Number of participants
2. Key metrics from our Social Media strategy (reach/ organic impressions)
3. Responses to live polls during the presentation
Period16 Mar 2022
Event typeSeminar
Degree of RecognitionInternational