MeerKAT radio study of the two known PWNs in the Small Magellanic Cloud: discovery of a pulsar in DEM S5 and deep search for pulsations from X-ray pulsar J0058−7218

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TRAPUM (TRAnsients and PUlsars with MeerKAT, Stappers & Kramer 2016) is a Large Survey Project of the MeerKAT telescope, a 64-dish radio interferometer and precursor to the Square Kilometer Array. The TRAPUM collaboration is conducting a MeerKAT survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), a nearby dwarf galaxy, to search for new extragalactic pulsars. The latter are rare, but extragalactic Pulsar Wind Nebulae are even rarer. In this survey, deep time-domain radio observations of the only two known Pulsar Wind Nebulae (PWN) in the SMC were conducted. A new young pulsar was discovered in the recently identified PWN of SNR DEM S5 (Maitra et al. 2018). The pulsar was localised through multi-beam techniques and timed. SMC X-ray pulsar J0058−7218 was followed-up with MeerKAT shortly after its discovery with XMM-Newton in the PWN of SNR IKT 16 (Maitra et al. 2021), with a deep search for radio emission and single pulses. I will present the characteristics of the two SMC PWN-neutron star systems in their extragalactic supernova remnant environment, in the light of our observations.
Period22 Aug 2022
Event title15th BONN workshop on the formation and evolution of neutron stars: Neutron stars and their local environments
Event typeConference
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