Searching for pulsars in Nearby Galaxies with MeerKAT

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TRAPUM (TRAnsients and PUlsars with MeerKAT, Stappers & Kramer 2016) is a Large Survey Project of the MeerKAT telescope, a 64-dish radio interferometer and precursor to the Square Kilometer Array. The TRAPUM collaboration is conducting a survey of nearby galaxies, which has so far increased the extragalactic radio pulsar population by 50%. I will present the novel observing and processing methods of the survey, harnessing the capabilities of the SKA’s mid-frequency precursor. I will report on the results of the recently completed Small Magellanic Cloud survey, which revealed many young pulsars, the prolific Large Magellanic Cloud survey, and a Fast Radio Burst discovery near the Sextans group of galaxies. Our discoveries can reveal valuable information on Neutron Star formation, Gravitational Waves and Fast Radio Bursts, by effectively probing the effects of another galaxy's properties onto a neutron star population.
Period18 Jun 2023
Event titleTiming and Imaging of compact sources with SKA pathfinders and precursors
Event typeConference
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