• Brahim Achour (Visiting researcher)

Activity: External visiting positions or secondmentsVisiting an external non-academic organisation


Drug-metabolizing enzymes and transporters are relevant in the extrapolation of pharmacokinetic profiles obtained from in vitro studies to human pharmacokinetic parameters. In order for this extrapolation to be possible, quantification of the abundance of enzymes and transporters both in in vitro and in vivo systems is essential.
Label-free quantification is fast becoming a mainstream quantification method [1] and its application for the absolute quantification of ADME (absorption, disposition, metabolism and elimination) proteins is well in demand. Validation of label free techniques remains a challenge for most groups and since we have quantified 21 enzymes in over 20 livers using labelled standard targeted quantitative proteomics [2], we are in a good position to develop and validate a label free method for the quantification of these proteins.

Objectives of Waters secondment:
• Optimizing a label-free quantification method for quantification of drug-metabolizing enzymes and transporters.
• Validating the label-free quantification results using targeted quantification data [2].

[1] Silva JC, Gorenstein M V, Li G-Z, Vissers JPC, Geromanos SJ (2006) Mol Cell Proteomics, 5:144–56.
[2] Achour B, Russell MR, Barber J, Rostami-Hodjegan A (2014) Drug Metab Dispos, 42: 500-10.
Period15 Dec 201417 Dec 2014
Degree of RecognitionNational