Bridging the gap between research and policy on SDGs

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Miguel Antonio Lim, senior lecturer in education and international development at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, and Doria Abdullah from the University of Technology Malaysia presented the results of a survey of partner universities in 21 countries – 17 in Europe and four in Asia.

Lim said, “there is enough research on what universities are doing for [the] SDGs, but no research on what the governments are doing for the higher education sector [to help them in SDG work]”.

Speaking to University World News after the symposium, Lim explained the project’s focus was “the way higher education institutions and higher education policy-makers come together to achieve the SDGs” and he pointed out that the study is not about making comparisons between Europe and Asia. “Within Asia, there are differences, and within Europe, there are differences in how they achieved the SDGs,” he noted.

Period10 Dec 2022

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Media contributions