Diagnosing cancers more quickly 'could save NHS more than £4m a YEAR'

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The impact of cancer - not only on NHS finances but on people's well-being - was made clear at the launch of a new multi-million pound prevention and early detection (PED) research initiative in Manchester.

The PED focus will be led by The Christie NHS Foundation Trust - Europe's biggest single-site cancer centre with one of the largest trials portfolio with more than 550 active trials. 

Sir Salvador Moncada, Institute Director of Cancer Sciences at Manchester University, said: “It is against this backdrop that we really start the engine of prevention and early detection research today. 

“In association with other partners in The University of Manchester's cancer beacon - a ground-breaking collaboration designed to push cancer research to its furthest boundaries - all the partners in the new programme will be shining a spotlight on the issue of cancer prevention and early detection.

And our scientists and researchers will be utterly focused on developing order of magnitude breakthroughs in this crucial area of cancer treatment.”

Period28 Sept 2016

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Media coverage

  • TitleDiagnosing cancers more quickly 'could save NHS more than £4m a YEAR'
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