Divas, Devolution and Dialogue

  • Eve Holt

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Ahead of  International Women’s Day, Dr Joanne Tippett shares her experiences from research into planning for environmental change, sustainability and community engagement. She reflects on their implications for including women’s voices in making devolved decisions in Greater Manchester.

  • In my work with villagers in rural Africa, I found that women didn’t tend to speak in mixed gender groups
  • DivaManc has organised a series of event to create opportunities for the voices of women and girls in Greater Manchester to be heard in the devolution debate
  • Greater Manchester Devolution offers big opportunities for rethinking how we deliver public services, making creative links between health, the environment and the economy
  • We need to look at the way in which we explore options and make decisions to ensure we engage with a much wider range of stakeholders: those who will be affected by the decisions, especially the vulnerable, as well as the decision makers
  • Hands-on approaches that give everyone a chance to make an input and see their ideas built into a bigger picture help us hear different voices and see different views


Period25 May 2017

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleDivaManc Calls to Action: for a Greater Manchester that Works for Women
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    DescriptionDivaManc was set up in response to the dominance of ‘stale, pale, males’ in the devolution story and a concern that it didn't work for women. Our intention was to help put the 'diva into devomanc' for a Greater Manchester devolution that is Diverse, Inclusive, Vibrant and Accountable. We are a women’s network growing women’s voice, participation, influence and power. Over the last nine months we have organised, facilitated and contributed to a wide range events providing spaces for women to share their stories, their goals and to take action.

    The conversations and contributions of women from across Greater Manchester in the DivaManc debate helped shape Five Key Pledges that the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green Party Mayoral candidates all signed up to. These are backed up by more detailed Calls to Action and an evidence paper, which was prepared in partnership with the Fawcett Society.
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