Donald Glover’s Messiah complex and why black artists can’t be mediocre

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Edward Ademolu discusses why black artists have to become their own self-bolstering PR machines to negotiate and navigate through the often tricky terrain of a hierarchically racialised (and racial-gendered) society that says white mediocrity requires examples black excellence to compete with it. 

Period9 Mar 2018

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Media coverage

  • TitleDonald Glover's Messiah complex and why black artists can't be mediocre
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    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionWhile hard to imagine – or perhaps not, Glover is not alone with his Rene Descartes-imbued “I think therefore, I am” orientation. This patterning of bound-ary-less, unashamed grandiosity and self-affirmation is discernible in, among and by, other black ethnic minorities in entertainment and contemporary popular culture. Celebrities, musicians, media professionals, public officials -both famed and infamous – who think nothing of stepping into themselves fully, unapologetically plunging headfirst into their watered egos, or tight-roping (unharnessed of course) the thin line between banal narcissism and ingenuity.
    PersonsEdward Ademolu

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