Experiencing Time

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Husserl and the puzzling experience of time.

Period31 Aug 2016

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Media contributions

  • TitleExperiencing Time
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    DescriptionPhenomenology, as I understand it, is primarily concerned with the concept of experience and, correlatively, that of appearance (or, equivalently, phenomena). The primary phenomenological questions, then, concern the nature of experience in all its varieties (perception, reflection, imagination, emotion, and so on), and of things as they appear in experience. One might ask, for example, what it is to visualize something; how visualizing differs from visually perceiving something; and what the similarities and differences are between how things appear in those two forms of experience. In its focus on experience, phenomenology differs from, for example, metaphysics, which asks what things, including the objects of experience, are or epistemology, which asks how these things can be known.
    PersonsJoel Smith


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