FINANCIAL TIMES: Are universities suffering from management bloat?

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Period18 May 2022

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Media contributions

  • TitleAre universities suffering from management bloat?
    Media name/outletFinancial Times
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    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionTimothy Devinney recalls his horror when he was shown a sprawling spreadsheet of the “key performance indicators” for the university department where he once worked. It included 110 targets, each with staff assigned to monitor them.

    “There are only two that matter: scholarship and pedagogy. Any sane organisation would look at the administrative overheads and try to remove them,” says Professor Devinney, now chair of international business at Alliance Manchester Business School.

    He argued in a recent blog post that faculties should be spun out of wider universities to counter a focus on sprawling operations, just as private sector conglomerates have been broken up in recent years. “Universities are basically strangling the capabilities of the people within them.”
    PersonsTimothy Devinney


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