FORBES: Enabling Entrepreneurs: How Social Connections Create Companies

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Period12 Oct 2022

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Media coverage

  • TitleEnabling Entrepreneurs: How Social Connections Create Companies
    Media name/outletForbes
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    Country/TerritoryUnited States
    DescriptionThe UK is undoubtedly a nation full of entrepreneurial spirit. figures show that more than 600,000 new start-up businesses are launched in the UK every year.

    Entrepreneurship is such an important driver of innovation, employment, wellbeing and growth, so we should be actively encouraging enterprise creation in our communities. But while many people aspire to become their own boss, some are reluctant to leave the stability of employment to enter what is often an uncertain landscape. Of those that do, the success rates don’t always make for good reading – according to FundSquire around 20% of start-ups are dissolved in their first year...
    PersonsJohannes Kleinhempel


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