GCSE Higher Maths Solving Strategies

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This book contains innovation of carefully selected questions on Higher GCSE Maths topics that are uttermost importance to students. I have taught students at various levels of their education and have found these topics as the areas where improvements are needed.It is one of the books dearest to my heart as I have to take the time to invest and bring out the strategies in solving most of the higher GCSE maths questions. It is one of the first books that interact and teaches the student, thus minimising the over-reliance of a maths tutor. It is the focus to give students self-learning practices and build their confidence. I will recommend this book to any student who will like to achieve the best grades in their GCSE Maths exams.The book tackles problems in Geometry, Algebra and Numbers with much emphasizes on how to resolve complex shapes using basic mathematical approaches. It improves the students' strength of thinking outside the box when facing questions. The questions have been created to strategically challenge the students’ ability and provide a way to guide their problem-solving skills.

Period13 May 2020