Is Europe really being '"invaded" by refugees?

  • Gabriele Restelli

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Period21 Feb 2018

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Media contributions

  • TitleIs Europe really being "invaded" by refugees?
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    DescriptionIn the year of the “migration crisis”, 2015, record numbers of Syrians, Afghanis and Iraqis travelled to Greece and Italy. The total arrivals were slightly more than a million. While it does sound like a huge number, if all the EU countries had offered temporary protection to everyone proportionately to their own population, the whole “European migration crisis” would have been solved with one migrant/refugee/put-your-label-here hosted for every 50 thousand citizens. In other words, the whole of Greater Manchester would have contributed to solve the “migration crisis” by hosting 50 persons. Five Zero.
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    PersonsGabriele Restelli

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