'LOVE YOUR EARS' presented by Dr Dalia Tsimpida on World Hearing Day 2022 (BBC Radio Cambridgeshire)

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For World Hearing Day 2022, Hidden Hearing launched ‘Love Your Ears’, a UK wide campaign encouraging people to test their ears and act on hearing loss for their health and happiness.

'EARS' is a great acronym to help you remember what to do and when: EARS stands for Early, Action, Risks & Safety! - so, it is really important to act early, take action, know your risks, and follow volume safety advice.

Dr Dalia Tsimpida is a Chartered Psychologist with expertise in hearing loss. She has a PhD in Audiology from The University of Manchester, and she's been doing hearing research for nearly 10 years, focusing on social and psychological consequences of hearing loss.

Period3 Mar 2022

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Media contributions