NIHR signal alert. Supported self-management for people with asthma is the most effective model of care

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Self-management of asthma means healthcare professionals educating, training and supporting people with asthma so they learn to manage their own condition. But there is little evidence to guide the level of support patients need from their healthcare team.

This study compared four self-management models for asthma by reviewing existing research papers.

The most effective model included more than two hours’ support from healthcare professionals. Typically, an initial discussion is followed up with regular reviews. This model improved quality of life for people whatever the severity of their asthma. It was much better at reducing unplanned or emergency healthcare use than so-called usual care, which relies upon patients using their inhaler, attending check-ups and receiving education in the form of brochures and SMS messages.

Intensive case management involving a range of professionals is only necessary for patients with severe asthma. Unsupported self-monitoring, or minimally supported self-management programmes were ineffective.

Period11 Dec 2020

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Media contributions


  • asthma
  • self-management
  • network meta-analysis