The battle to be seen and heard: Essential workers during and after covid-19

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In the midst of the global shutdown of the economy and society over the last 18 months, some essential workers went about their jobs quietly and effectively but largely unnoticed by the general public, the media or politicians. These were not necessarily the ‘heroes’ of the frontline medical emergency, but they were essential workers without whom many would have been even more economically disadvantaged, socially isolated, and hungry.  

In October 2021, we hosted a session at the Global Forum on Democratising Work conference, where we brought together trade unionists, grassroots organisers and academics, to discuss the various campaigns and initiatives they had been part of to build awareness and improve working conditions for these essential workers during the Covid-19 crisis.

Period13 Jan 2022

Media contributions


Media contributions


TitleGlobal forum on democratizing work
Period5 Oct 2021 → 7 Feb 2022

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