The Buzz S3, E1: Are we entering a new space age?

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Have you heard? The Buzz is back!

Once again we’re asking some of the biggest questions in science and engineering; and once again we’ve enlisted the help of our incredible academics.

Getting us off to a stellar start is Dr Ciara McGrath, Lecturer in Aerospace Systems in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, and – very impressively – the Institution of Engineering (IET) Young Woman Engineer of the Year.

Here she tackles a question that’s astronomical in both senses of the word: Are we entering a new space age?

With lots of talk of billionaire astronauts, space tourism and venturing further than we’ve ever gone before, it’s the perfect blast-off for season three. Dr McGrath talks about the future of the space industry, the potential of satellites, and much, much more.

So buckle up – and listen up – in T-minus three, two, one…

Period28 Apr 2022

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Media contributions