THE GUARDIAN: Best science books of 2022

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Period3 Dec 2022

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Media contributions

  • TitleBest science books of 2022
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    DescriptionIn This Mortal Coil (Bloomsbury), Andrew Doig, a biochemist at the University of Manchester, charts the fascinating history of how humans die. And if you think this might be a rather morbid topic, worry not. Despite some gruesome descriptions of disease and death, Doig tells an uplifting tale of how human ingenuity over the past few thousand years has allowed more of us to survive, and survive longer – first through innovations such as farming, and then by applying reason and evidence to health, defeating a host of major infectious diseases. For most of the history of our species, life expectancy was around 30. Today – thanks to the centuries of work by farmers, doctors, public health officials and others – people can expect to live to at least 70 or 80 in the world’s most developed nations.
    PersonsAndrew Doig


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