THE GUARDIAN: To live with Covid, we will still need vital public health measures

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Period3 Apr 2022

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Media coverage

  • TitleTo live with Covid, we will still need vital public health measures
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    DescriptionWilliam Hanage highlights several measures to blunt future waves of Covid-19. But these will be inadequate without the direct involvement of local communities. A community-centred approach is crucial to disseminating public health messages relating to Covid. Mobilising community participation will be vital to support mutual aid groups in neighbourhoods, provide resources to voluntary groups, and work through existing neighbourhood networks. Working with informal leaders in communities can assist the continued uptake of vaccines. Ensuring more diverse forms of communication about Covid-19 is also vital. Current methods are overreliant on access to the internet (which many individuals and groups may not have) as a medium for transmitting public health messages. Non-digital approaches are equally important, eg leaflets through doors, advertising in shops and local newspapers and work with faith-based organisations. Covid hit some communities far worse than others, and living with Covid is likely to perpetuate such inequalities. Doing something about Covid must involve embedding community-based approaches as a key part of any pandemic strategy.
    Chris Phillipson
    Professor of sociology and social gerontology, University of Manchester
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