THE HOUSE: Engineering Kids’ Futures: How to tackle a £1.5 billion skills shortage

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Period20 Dec 2022

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Media contributions

  • TitleEngineering Kids’ Futures: How to tackle a £1.5 billion skills shortage
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    DescriptionDanielle George, Professor of Radio Frequency Engineering and Vice Dean in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Manchester and past President of the IET, closed the remarks by stressing the importance of the engineering economy as the Government strives to consolidate the UK’s position as a science and technology superpower:

    “If the government wants to position the UK as a science and technology superpower, it must have a strong pipeline. It must have future engineers. It must infuse them at an early age. We have been letting our children down in this country by not exposing them to high quality engineering education at an early age and therefore limiting their career choices later on in life”.

    Speaking about the need for Government action, Professor George went on to say:

    “Engineers bring ideas to life. We turn dreams into reality. We make solutions to big problems possible. We design, we fix, we improve. We, we change people's lives and all world for the better. We refuse to stand by any longer and watch our homegrown talent pool be denied. The opportunity that engineering presents to all of us. This is the start of the UK actively Engineering Kids’ Futures. Let's do it.”
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