Period14 Feb 2022

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • Title'Extra pressures are shaping the way GPs care for us with more remote consultations'
    Media name/outletThe Mirror
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionThese “frequent attenders” account for a large proportion of a GP’s ­workload – 40% of appointments, including ­face-to-face consultations.

    The findings go some way to explain why it’s so hard to see a GP.

    Frequent attenders – classed as people having more appointments than 90% of patients at their practice, have more than doubled their number of clinic visits in the last two decades.

    The study ran from 2000-2019 and looked at 160million consultations from 12.3million patients in 845 ­GP practices. It showed four out of 10 patients were frequent attenders.

    Co-author Dr Maria Panagioti, from Manchester University, said: “Frequent attenders also may have special health and social care needs but for a variety of reasons we do not yet fully ­understand how best to meet them.”

    Co-author Professor Evan ­Kontopantelis from Manchester University, said: “This is the first study to show that frequent attenders, the top 10% of consulters, have largely and progressively contributed to increased workload in general ­practices across the UK over the last 20 years.”

    Co-author Professor Aneez Esmail, also from Manchester University, said: “Our findings show frequent attenders account for an increasing proportion of face-to-face consultations with GPs and are responsible for nearly 40% of consultations fairly constantly over time.”
    PersonsMaria Panagioti, Evangelos (Evan) Kontopantelis, Aneez Esmail


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