THE MIRROR: Ghost children of Covid: 135,000 pupils ‘disappear’ from school

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Period15 Mar 2022

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Media contributions

  • TitleGhost children of Covid: 135,000 pupils ‘disappear’ from school
    Media name/outletThe Mirror
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    DescriptionJonathan Green, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Manchester University explained to The Times how children's mental health may have been affected so badly by the lockdown, they are now finding it a huge struggle to return to normal life - and even leave home to meet with friends.

    He also explained how children who were already deemed vulnerable and to whom school offered a respite from turbulent family homes were not at increased risk of becoming 'invisible'.

    Prof Green said : "Socially vulnerable children were a real concern and remain a real concern. In terms of this group of children who we have always been concerned about in terms of not being at school and sort of lost to sight - but there are lots more of them now."

    "I would say there were three groups impacted. The first is a group who are prone to social anxiety and worries.

    This pandemic exasperated a lot of these fears and anxieties and has caused a real legacy."

    Prof Green went on to explain how the second group of children are those who have neurodevelopmental vulnerabilities, such as children with autism.

    He explained how the "Invisible nature" of Covid was a huge issue for these children - who feared even leaving home for worries the wind could carry Covid and bring illness to them and their families - causing them to become "obsessively worried"
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