THE TIMES: Get outside! What sunshine really does for your body (and brain)

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Period26 Mar 2022

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Media coverage

  • TitleGet outside! What sunshine really does for your body (and brain)
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    DescriptionWho hasn’t felt in better spirits after a week of bright sunny days? And, joy, the clock change tomorrow gives us longer evenings, which is normally guaranteed to improve our mood. But will we soon be tracking our hours of daily exposure to natural light, just like we do our steps? Professor Timothy Brown, of the environmental research institute at the University of Manchester, says the fact that daylight has a raft of proven health benefits, in addition to making us happy, has been largely overlooked until now. “Daylight and its benefits is an emerging field of scientific interest,” Brown says. “And I am fairly certain that personal fitness trackers will soon have built-in light-measuring features so that we can monitor it to better our wellbeing.”
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