A Collection of Event Logs of Blockchain-based Applications



A set of event logs of 101 blockchain-based applications (DApps). For each DApp, there are two event log files. The first one is a raw version where data is encoded by blockchain. The second file is a decoded version where data is decoded into a human-readable format. If a DApp has multiple versions on different blockchain networks, then there are two event log files (encoded and decoded) for each version.  In addition, the event registry file includes a comprehensive list of event names and their corresponding signatures obtained from contract ABIs of the 101 DApps.
Date made available13 Jun 2022
Date of data productionJan 2021


  • event log
  • process mining
  • blockchain-based applications
  • DApps
  • automated business process discovery
  • conformance checking
  • ABPD

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