A mixed-methods feasibility and external pilot study to inform a large pragmatic randomised controlled trial of the effects of surgical wound dressing strategies on surgical site infections (Bluebelle Phase B): study protocol for a randomised control [...]

  • Barnaby C Reeves (Contributor)
  • Lazaros Andronis (Contributor)
  • Jane M Blazeby (Contributor)
  • Natalie S. Blencowe (Contributor)
  • Melanie Calvert (Contributor)
  • Joanna Coast (Contributor)
  • Tim Draycott (Contributor)
  • Jenny L Donovan (Contributor)
  • Rachael Gooberman-Hill (Contributor)
  • Robert J. Longman (Contributor)
  • Laura Magill (Contributor)
  • Jonathan M. Mathers (Contributor)
  • Thomas D. Pinkney (Contributor)
  • Chris A Rogers (Contributor)
  • Leila Rooshenas (Contributor)
  • Andrew Torrance (Contributor)
  • Nicky J. Welton (Contributor)
  • Mark Woodward (Contributor)
  • Kate Ashton (Contributor)
  • Katarzyna D. Bera (Contributor)
  • Gemma L. Clayton (Contributor)
  • Lucy A Culliford (Contributor)
  • Jo Dumville (Contributor)
  • Daisy Elliott (Contributor)
  • Lucy Ellis (Contributor)
  • Hannah Gould-Brown (Contributor)
  • Rhiannon C. Macefield (Contributor)
  • Christel McMullan (Contributor)
  • Caroline Pope (Contributor)
  • Dimitrios Siassakos (Contributor)
  • Sean Strong (Contributor)
  • Helen M. Talbot (Contributor)



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