A versatile route to edge-specific modification of graphene nanoplatelets by electrophilic aromatic substitution

  • Philippa Shellard (Contributor)
  • Thunyaporn Srisubin (Contributor)
  • Mirja Hartmann (Contributor)
  • Joseph Butcher (Contributor)
  • Fan Fei (Contributor)
  • Henry Cox (Contributor)
  • Tom McNamara (Contributor)
  • Trevor McArdle (Contributor)
  • Ashley Shepherd (Contributor)
  • Robert Jacobs (Contributor)
  • Thomas Waigh (Contributor)
  • Sabine Flitsch (Contributor)
  • Christopher Blanford (Creator)



Raw data files, figure components and Origin file containing data and figures
Date made available9 May 2020
PublisherMendeley Data

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