Adsorption of bilirubin oxidase on a silica-coated QCM-D sensor

  • Thomas P. McNamara (Creator)



    QCM-D data for the adsorption of bilirubin oxidase from Myrothecium verrucaria on a silica-coated gold quartz resonated with a 4.95 MHz fundamental frequency. File with .qsd suffix is a binary file that contains the raw experimental data and requires QTools or QSense software to access. File with .csv suffix is a text file that contains the same experimental data listed as comma-separated values and can be opened in text editors, spreadsheets and plotting programmes.
    Date made available12 Apr 2016
    PublisherUniversity of Manchester
    Date of data production30 Oct 2015


    • QCM-D
    • bilirubin oxidase
    • silica surface
    • quartz crystal microbalance
    • protein adsorption

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