Beta-Stabilised Titanium Alloys - Superalloy lecture 7



This set of lectures is on "Beta-Stabilised Titanium Alloys" for the Superalloys and High Performance Materials course part 7. This part of the course was taught by Dr Alec Davis at The University of Manchester in 2021.

Video 1 covers the history, general properties, and classification of beta-stabilised titanium alloys.

Video 2 covers the phases and age hardening behaviour of beta-stabilised titanium, and a brief overview of the characterisation techniques is also given.

Video 3 covers the thermomechanical processing of beta-stabilised titanium alloys.

The live lecture includes a group discussion on thermomechanical processing and covers the "Beta-stabilised titanium alloys" topic. It was recorded on Thursday 18th March 2021.
Date made available14 May 2021
PublisherUniversity of Manchester figshare


  • titanium alloys
  • metals and alloy materials

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