Coping with Unusual ExperienceS for 12–18 year olds (CUES+): a transdiagnostic randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of cognitive therapy in reducing distress associated with unusual experiences in adolescent mental health services: study [...]

  • Suzanne Jolley (Contributor)
  • Sophie Browning (Contributor)
  • Richard Corrigall (Contributor)
  • Kristin R. Laurens (Contributor)
  • Colette Hirsch (Contributor)
  • Karen Bracegirdle (Contributor)
  • Kimberley Gin (Contributor)
  • Francesca Muccio (Contributor)
  • Catherine Stewart (Contributor)
  • Partha Banerjea (Contributor)
  • Elizabeth Kuipers (Contributor)
  • Philippa Garety (Contributor)
  • Majella Byrne (Contributor)
  • Juliana Onwumere (Contributor)
  • Evanthia Achilla (Contributor)
  • Paul McCrone (Contributor)
  • Richard Emsley (Contributor)



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