Data for: The evolution of the Patagonian Ice Sheet from 35 ka to the Present Day (PATICE)

  • Bethan J Davies (Creator)
  • Christopher Darvill (Contributor)
  • Harold Lovell (Contributor)
  • Jacob M Bendle (Contributor)
  • Julian A. Dowdeswell (Contributor)
  • Derek Fabel (Contributor)
  • Juan-luis García (Contributor)
  • Alessa Geiger (Contributor)
  • Neil F. Glasser (Contributor)
  • Delia M. Gheorghiu (Contributor)
  • Stephan Harrison (Contributor)
  • Andrew S Hein (Contributor)
  • Michael R Kaplan (Contributor)
  • Julian R V Martin (Contributor)
  • Monika Mendelova (Contributor)
  • Adrian Palmer (Contributor)
  • Mauri Pelto (Contributor)
  • Ángel Rodés (Contributor)
  • Esteban A Sagredo (Contributor)
  • Rachel K. Smedley (Contributor)
  • John L Smellie (Contributor)
  • Varyl R. Thorndycraft (Contributor)


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