Developing a core outcome set for people living with dementia at home in their neighbourhoods and communities: study protocol for use in the evaluation of non-pharmacological community-based health and social care interventions

  • Andrew J.E. Harding (Contributor)
  • Hazel Morbey (Contributor)
  • Faraz Ahmed (Contributor)
  • Carol Opdebeeck (Contributor)
  • Ying Ying Wang (Contributor)
  • Paula Williamson (Contributor)
  • Caroline Swarbrick (Contributor)
  • Iracema Leroi (Contributor)
  • David Challis (Contributor)
  • Linda Davies (Contributor)
  • David Reeves (Contributor)
  • Fiona Holland (Contributor)
  • Mark Hann (Contributor)
  • HellstrĂśm Ingrid (Contributor)
  • HydĂŠn Lars-Christer (Contributor)
  • Alistair Burns (Contributor)
  • John Keady (Contributor)
  • Siobhan Reilly (Contributor)



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