Disposal of coarse fraction (step 4)

  • Gunter Just (Creator)



Disposal of coarse fraction: While rotating the inlet backwards, the spring-loaded gate for the fines closes as the cam profile disengages. Then, the other cam profile engages the second spring-loaded gate for the coarse fraction and opens it as the port aligns with the chute on the arm. Once in this position, the vibrating motor is activated, and the coarse particles fall into the chute. Again, once no more mass increase in the storage container is registered, the operation is considered completed and the mechanism is now ready for an optional cleaning step 5, or the next regolith cut (extraction).
Date made available16 Jun 2021
PublisherUniversity of Manchester Figshare


  • Regolith
  • ISRU
  • Excavation
  • Space Robotics
  • The Moon
  • Aerospace Engineering

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