eQTLs of Rab11s isoforms across multiple healthy tissues



Computed quantitative trait loci, eQTLs, of Rab11s (Rab11a/b/25) isoforms across multiple healthy tissues. GTEX browser: https://gtexportal.org/. Non-cod. = non-coding transcript variant of protein-coding gene, CC? reflects that two C-terminal cysteine residues that anchor Rab11s to membranous compartment via geranylgeranyl groups are missing (C-terminus of protein-coding variant is truncated).
Date made available11 Nov 2021
PublisherUniversity of Manchester figshare


  • Isoform expression pattern
  • rab11
  • GTEx eQTLs
  • Gene Expression (incl. Microarray and other genome-wide approaches)

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