FESTA: an efficient NMR approach for the structural analysis of mixtures containing fluorinated species

  • Gareth Morris (Contributor)
  • Pinelopi Moutzouri (Contributor)
  • Thaís Mendonça Barbosa (Contributor)
  • Cláudio Tormena (Contributor)
  • Roberto Rittner (Creator)
  • Andrew Phillips (Contributor)
  • Steven Coombes (Creator)
  • Laura Castanar Acedo (Contributor)
  • Mathias Nilsson (Contributor)



Bruker pulse sequences and experimental data for FESTA methods for the analysis of mixtures of 19F-containing species by measurement of doubly selective 1D TCOSY 1H spectra.
Date made available13 Feb 2018
PublisherMendeley Data

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