Fig. 4 In East Meets West: On The True Identity Of Cheiracanthium Rupestre And Xysticus Albomaculatus (Arachnida: Araneae: Eutichuridae, Thomisidae)

  • Rainer Breitling (Creator)
  • Tobias Bauer (Creator)
  • Arno Grabolle (Creator)
  • Pierre Oger (Creator)
  • Paolo Pantini (Creator)
  • Johan van Keer (Creator)
  • Walter P. Pfliegler (Creator)
  • Elke Jantscher (Creator)
  • Jan Dolansky (Creator)



    Fig. 4: Cleared epigyne of C. macedonicum from Szentendre Islandı north of Budapestı Hungary in a., b. ventral and C., d. dorsal viewı photos (aı c.) and schematic drawing (bı d). Scale bars = 0.2 mm
    Date made available2016

    Research Beacons, Institutes and Platforms

    • Manchester Institute of Biotechnology


    • Biodiversity
    • Taxonomy
    • Animalia
    • Arthropoda
    • Arachnida
    • Miturgidae
    • Cheiracanthium

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