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  • Christopher Blanford (Creator)
  • Yuhei Hayamizu (Creator)
  • Sam P. deVisser (Creator)
  • Abubaker Mohamed (Creator)



Figure 5. Deconvoluted intact protein mass spectra of QueF WT in the presence or absence of a nitrile, NADPH, or both. Relative abundance of each species is shown for various masses. The QueF monomer has a mass of ca. 34 kDa. Dimer formation is observed in the sample containing only QueF (Figure S5a). Source spectra are given in Figure S5b–f.
Date made available31 Aug 2022
PublisherUniversity of Manchester Figshare


  • intact protein mass spectrometry
  • preQ0
  • nitrile reductase
  • benzyl cyanide

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