<i>Co</i>-<i>Producing Mobilities</i>: negotiating geographical knowledge in a conference session on the move

  • Simon Cook (Creator)
  • Anna Davidson (Creator)
  • Elaine Stratford (Creator)
  • Jennie Middleton (Creator)
  • Anna Plyushteva (Creator)
  • Helen Fitt (Creator)
  • Sophie Cranston (Creator)
  • Paul Simpson (Creator)
  • Hannah Delaney (Creator)
  • Kate Evans (Creator)
  • Amy Jones (Creator)
  • Jonathan Kershaw (Creator)
  • Nina Williams (Creator)
  • David Bissell (Creator)
  • Tara Duncan (Creator)
  • Frans Sengers (Creator)
  • Joanna Elvy (Creator)
  • Clancy Wilmott (Creator)



In an experimental session entitled <i>Co</i>-<i>Producing Mobilities</i> held at the 2014 Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference, 20 mobility scholars travelled around London on foot, by bus and by Tube to investigate how mobilities could be considered co-produced. In this paper, 18 participants reflect on this collaborative experiment and on how it influenced their thinking about mobilities, geographical knowledge and pedagogy. Contributions cast light on the function of conferences and the multiple forms of pedagogy they enable, and provide guiding resources for those now wanting to continue such experiments.
Date made available1 Mar 2016


  • Mobility
  • knowledge co-production
  • pedagogy
  • transport
  • conference
  • London

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