Matrix-assisted DOSY perfluorooctanoate data



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    Abstract: Mixtures of species of similar sizes can be analysed with 1H NMR using diffusion-ordered spectroscopy (DOSY), by adding a co-solute with which different analytes interact to different extents (“matrix-assisted DOSY”). A matrix containing aqueous perfluorooctanoate micelles has the dual advantages of invisibility to 1H NMR, and interactions tuneable by adjusting the pH. This archive contains experimental data and analysis for measurements of amino acid diffusion as a function of pH in aqueous solutions with and without 100 mM sodium perfluorooctanoate.

    Table of contents: Mathematica analysis ================== Mathematica notebook: PFO_MAD_analysis.nb Input files: *.csv Experimental NMR data from AHCPFOprocess: *.out NMR data ======= VnmrJ MAGICAL processing macro: AHCPFOprocess DOSY data mix 1 amino acids without PFO: NoPFOxxx.fid DOSY data mix 1 amino acids without PFO: PFOAA_pH***_DOSY.fid DOSY data mix 1 19F PFO: PFO82_xxx.fid DOSY data mix 2 amino acids with PFO: Phe_val_tyr_PFO_pH***_DOSY.fid DOSY data mix 2 amino acids without PFO: phe_tyr_val_setup_dosy_final_pH***_3GM.fid DOSY data mix 2 19F PFO: PFO_pHxxx_83.5.fid 10 mM PFO only: PFO_10mM.fid

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    Date made available6 Jan 2017
    PublisherUniversity of Manchester


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    • Matrix-assisted DOSY

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