Measurement of elastic electroproduction of φ mesons at HERA

  • Brian Cox (Creator)
  • Robin Marshall (Creator)
  • H1 Collaboration (Creator)



    DESY-HERA. Measurement of the elastic electroproduction of PHI mesons produced in the collision of 27.5 GeV positrons with 820 GeV protons. The data cover the kinematic region in Q**2 from 1 to 15 GeV**2 and in W (the hadronic centre-of-mass) from 40 to 130 GeV. The data were taken in a special run in 1995 covering the 1 to 5 GeV**2 Q**2 region (luminosity 125 nb-1) and in the normal running period in 1996 covering the 2.5 to 15 GeV**2 Q**2 region (luminosity 3 pb-1). Numerical values of figure 4,5 and 6b supplied by B. Clerbaux.
    Date made available2000

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