Measurement of event shape distributions and moments in e+ e- --> hadrons at 91-GeV - 209-GeV and a determination of alpha(s)



    CERN-LEP. Measurement of event shape variable distributions and their moments of hadronic production in E+ E- collisions at centre of mass energies from 91to 209 GeV. This paper represents a coherent analysis of all the OPAL data take n during the running periods from 1995 to 2000 and supersedes previous publishedOPAL data below 189 GeV. The results are consistent with the running of ALPHA-S from QCD and combining all the data given a value of ALPHA-S at the MZ mass of:. 0.1191+-0.0005(stat.)+-0.0010(expt.)+-0.0011(hadr. +-0.0044(theo.). The tabulated values of the variances of the event shapes (not in the paper) were supplied by Christoph Pahl.
    Date made available2005

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