pi+-, K+-, p and anti-p production in Z0 ---> q anti-q, Z0 ---> b anti-b, Z0 ---> u anti-u, d anti-d, s anti-s



    CERN-LEP. Measurement of the multiplicities and differential production cross sections for charged pions and kaons, and proton/antiprotons in Z0--& gt;Q-QBAR, Z0--& gt;B-BBAR and Z0--& gt;(U-UBAR,-DDBAR AND S-SBAR) events separately. The experiment uses a RICH detector for particle identification. The data come from a sample of 1.4 million hadronic Z0 decay events taken during the 1994 LEP running period. B-tagging uses a topological lifetime method. Data are given separately for identified kaons and protons and also combined as & apos;Heavy Particles& apos;.
    Date made available4 Jan 1998

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