Research data supporting “An assessment of the lattice strain in the CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy”

  • L.R. Owen (Contributor)
  • Ed Pickering (Contributor)
  • H.Y. Playford (Contributor)
  • H.J. Stone (Contributor)
  • M.G. Tucker (Contributor)
  • N.G. Jones (Contributor)



    This contains the total scattering data gathered on the Polaris instrument at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source during beamtime awarded under RB1310308, RB1510579 and RB1520332. The folders, all of which have been zipped, contain the following data: RAW_files This folder contains the RAW files output from the POLARIS diffractometer. This can be processed using the GudrunN software in order to obtain the total scattering function F(Q). The filenames can be found in the file: Raw_file_run_numbers.pdf gss This folder contains the the reduced 1-D powder diffraction files from the .RAW files, processed through the Mantid software. These are in the .gss format, readable by GSAS software. The .prm files are instrument parameter files required for refinement of data in GSAS and are cycle specific. The data come from the following cycles: 14_1 - Ni and NiCoCr 15_1 - Ni20Cr and Ni25Cr 15_3 - Ni33Cr and HEA grs This folder contains the G(r) files, plotted in an XY format (r vs. G(r)) and are calculated using the SToG programme released as part of the RMCProfile programme, calculated from the output F(Q) files from GudrunN. They are normalised G(r)s and as such tend to -1 at low r and - at high r.
    Date made available1 Jan 2016

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