Search for displaced vertices arising from decays of new heavy particles in 7 TeV pp collisions at ATLAS

  • Brian Cox (Contributor)
  • Cinzia Da Via (Contributor)
  • Alessandra Forti (Contributor)
  • Frederick Loebinger (Contributor)
  • Jiri Masik (Contributor)
  • Alexander Oh (Contributor)
  • Joleen Pater (Contributor)
  • Yvonne Peters (Contributor)
  • Andrew Pilkington (Contributor)
  • Darren Price (Contributor)
  • Yang Qin (Contributor)
  • Savanna Shaw (Contributor)
  • Stephen Watts (Contributor)
  • Terence Wyatt (Contributor)
  • The ATLAS Collaboration (Contributor)



    CERN-LHC. Results of a search, in proton proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV, for new, heavy particles that decay at a significant distance from their production points into a final state containing a charged hadron in association with a high-momentum muon. The data were collected during 2010 and have a total integrated luminosity of 33 pb-1. The data are analysed in the context of the production of SUSY particles in an R-parity-violating scenario and limits are presented for different squark and neutralino masses.
    Date made available4 Jan 2012

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