Search for top and bottom squarks from gluino pair production in final states with missing transverse energy and at least three b-jets with the ATLAS detector

  • Brian Cox (Contributor)
  • Cinzia Da Via (Contributor)
  • Alessandra Forti (Contributor)
  • Frederick Loebinger (Contributor)
  • Jiri Masik (Contributor)
  • Alexander Oh (Contributor)
  • Joleen Pater (Contributor)
  • Yvonne Peters (Contributor)
  • Andrew Pilkington (Contributor)
  • Darren Price (Contributor)
  • Yang Qin (Contributor)
  • Savanna Shaw (Contributor)
  • Stephen Watts (Contributor)
  • Terence Wyatt (Contributor)
  • The ATLAS Collaboration (Contributor)



    CERN-LHC. The results of a search for top and bottom squarks from gluino pair production produced in proton-proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV. The data sample used is the full 2011 data set with an integrated luminosity of 4.7 fb-1. A previous paper (PR D85(2012)112006 - arXiv:1203.6193) presented similar results using the data set from the first half of 2011. The search is performed in events with large missing transverse momentum and at least 3 jets identified as originating from a b-quark. Exclusion limits are presented for a variety of gluino-mediated models.
    Date made available4 Jan 2012

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