SEM & EDX (Zeiss Sigma) of both dropcast and freeze-cast MXene nanoparticles

  • James Bird (Creator)



Microstructure of freeze-cast (FC) and lyophilised Ti3C2Tz aqueous suspensions are imaged with secondary electron microscopy. EDX is deployed on these same samples to verify nanoparticle composition. Dilute Ti3C2Tz aqueous suspensions produced from the same synthesis used in the FC structures are dropcast on silicon wafer in an attempt to produce a particle-size distribution with subsequent image analysis. See attached .pdf for full data and experiment description.
Date made available23 Mar 2023
PublisherUniversity of Manchester Figshare


  • Ti3C2Tx MXene
  • SEM
  • EDX
  • particle size distribution measurement
  • freeze-casting
  • lyophilised

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