Smoking is associated with the concurrent presence of multiple autoantibodies in rheumatoid arthritis rather than with anti-citrullinated protein antibodies per se: a multicenter cohort study

  • Tineke J van Wesemael (Contributor)
  • Sofia Ajeganova (Contributor)
  • Jenny H Humphreys (Contributor)
  • Chikashi Terao (Contributor)
  • Ammar Muhammad (Contributor)
  • Deborah Symmons (Contributor)
  • Alex J MacGregor (Contributor)
  • Ingiäld Hafström (Contributor)
  • Leendert A Trouw (Contributor)
  • Annette H M van der Helm-van Mil (Contributor)
  • Tom W J Huizinga (Contributor)
  • Tsuneyo Mimori (Contributor)
  • René E M Toes (Contributor)
  • Fumihiko Matsuda (Contributor)
  • Björn Svensson (Contributor)
  • Suzanne Verstappen (Contributor)
  • Diane Van Der Woude (Contributor)



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